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Azərbaycan Televiziya (AzTV) or Azeri TeleVision , is a television station from Azerbaijan , of the Azərbaycan Televiziya və Radio Verilişləri Qapalı Səhmdar Cəmiyyəti group.

Some of the programs of AZTV are:

  • Sahar , music information program run by Qulu Mekheremli . It was first aired on August 14 , 1995 . The morning version is also broadcast in other countries such as Russia , Turkey , Iran , Georgia and Turkmenistan .
  • Khazar , newscast by Ilgar Pashazade . It was first aired on February 10 , 1997 . The program is divided into two blocks; the first one dedicates time to national and international first-line information, while the second block is dedicated to the culture and economy of the country.
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