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Kanal 10 Asia

On the 25th of March 2013 was launched Kanal10 Asia - The international Christian TV station.

Kanal 10 Asia  In the southern parts of Sweden lies the quaint town of "Ämhult"; the home of Kanal10. There we have established a TV studio, a control-room and set up some play-out equipment. And every single day, 24/7, we transmit programs from this location to all of Asia.

TV signal runs through the lines from our studio, down to Jerusalem and beams up on to satellite from there. We specifically target Asia - with our main beam on India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Kanal 10 Asia can be received by using a parabol antenna - from Europe in the west, and all the way, to Thailand in east.

Adress Box 39 343 21 Älmhult SWEDEN
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